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under what conditions may the purchaser use your tracks in commercial products?

None, really. It's officially a soundtrack for this game here.

hi, i want to know about credit! could you explain it? is it cc by 3.0?

Generally speaking-- personal use only. But ultimately don't care if someone uses some tracks so long as it's non-commercial. Letting me know would be nice too. 

I used your Tracks for my school Scratch game project.

Hi, I used your track "Apparition" in my Ludum Dare 43 entry:

Thanks for making amazing soundtracks.


I  use one of your track for a little game in a mini-jam :

Project page  here :

I mention you on credits  title ^^ .

Hi, I am new here, I was thinking about using some of your work but I don't see a license commons, can you tell me how you want me to give credits to your work? Thanks.

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Well, it's actually made for a game that's already been released, but I don't mind if someone uses it as long as it's for a non-commercial project and given a credit. If you decide to use it, message me the project page it's used on (as I'm curious as to where it's used!). Cheers!

      Thanks for replying. I was looking for some bg music for my non-commercial personal project and i stepped upon this this website and found your work. But I ended up using an another artist's song. Thank you anyway, I will start my another project soon and I will make note of  your music. Have a great day! 



Can it be used for commercialization?

I'm not 100% sure it would make sense given this is already tailored for a game!

WOO!  It's here!

Yes it is! :)